The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) is dedicated to developing global standards for smartphone in-car connectivity. The CCC is also committed to the continued promotion and adoption of MirrorLink® certified products.  As part of this mission, CCC holds one Summit per year which allows industry professionals to network and work together towards the common goal of making MirrorLink® the de facto standard.

Held across the world, the annual Summit gives participants the opportunity to connect with approximately 150 industry leaders. This is the only CCC hosted event that is open to the public. This event will include keynotes delivered by industry thought leaders, product demos, networking activities and updates on recent accomplishments and roadmaps.

2013 Summit

Thank you to all for making this year another success!

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Alan Ewing, President - Car Connectivity Consortium

Standardization in Automotive Infotainment to Facilitate Time to Market
Philippe Gicquel, PSA Peugeot Citroën

The Future of Smart Device Connectivity
Andreas König, CTO - HUML GmbH & Co. KG

Session 1: Ecosystems for 3rd Party App Developers - Dealing with Market Complexity

Apps in Automotive - Future Opportunities and Business Cases: Jack Berqquist, IHS

The Challenging Business Model for Apps in the Car - Ralf Hug, Trajectory Group LLC

EC SafeApps Working Group - Theo Kamalski, TomTom

Location, Location, Location - Robert Hrabak, General Motors

Session 2: Success Factors in Content Creation

Seamless Integration of Apps and Services for a Driver-centric User Experience - Antti Aumo, Ixonos

Evaluation and Reduction of Driver Distraction and Divertion - Klaus Bengler, Technische Universität München

Success Factors in Content Creation?? Content = Context! - Marcin Beme, Audioteka

Session 3: Application Certification in CCC

Certifying Applications for MirrorLink - Ed Pichon, Program Manager - CCC

Technical Considerations of Application Certification - Jörg Brakensiek, Nokia

Code Samples and Demo - Piotr Janas, Comarch

Driver Workload Guidelines applied to MirrorLink™ Mobile Applications - Matthias Henning, Carmeq


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2012 Summit

Thank you to all who attended and made this year a success!

You may access the presentations from the event below.


Mika Rytkönen, CCC President and Chairman


Session 1 - MirrorLink's Place in the Connected Car

Juhani Jääskeläinen, European Commission - Cooperative Mobility and Connected Car: The European Strategy

(EN) (JA)

Hideki Okano, Mazda Corporation -

(EN) (JA)

Andy Koenig, jambit - GENIVI's Approach to MirrorLinkTM

(EN) (JA)

Session 2 - MirrorLink's Place in the Connected Car

Jörg Brakensiek, Nokia - MirrorLinkTM in a Technical Nutshell

  (EN) (JA)

Christian Heinrich, Daimler - Fighting Driver Distraction: How to Achieve This for Nomadic Devices

(EN) (JA)

Yoshiyuki Kakihara, Sony Corporation - Application Certification: Process, Criteria and Roadmap

(EN) (JA)

Session 3 - Application Development in the MirrorLinkTM Ecosystem

Antti Aumo, Ixonos - Building the Ecosystem

(EN) (JA)

Ralf Hug, Trajectory Group LLC - The Challenging Business Model for Connected Services Inside the Car

(EN) (JA)


The Westin Tokyo

1-4-1 Mita Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8580


Live Interactive Demonstrations

        Offered from 10:15AM - 5:30PM

AllGo Embedded Systems


Clarion Co., Ltd.


HuiZhou Desay SV Automotive Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Motor



MDS Technology




RACE IVI Suite - MirrorLink™ SDK Demonstration

MirrorLink™ Compatible Audio Visual Head-unit

Next Gate - MirrorLink™

Conformance Test System Demonstration

SiVi Link

Hyundai Motor Company with MirrorLink™

Ixonos IVI Connect

HUML Reference IVI - MirrorLink™ Certified Client

MDS NeoLink Solution

MirrorLink™ 1.0.1/1.1 Qt Reference Client

Alternative video using H.264

Audio with Display - MirrorLink™

CCC Technical Workshop

Thursday, November 8 9:00AM - 12:00PM

KAEDE B - B1 Floor, Westin Tokyo

Presenter: Jörg Brakensiek, Chair of Technical Work Group, CCC

This half-day workshop will provide in-depth information on all different technical aspects of MirrorLink™; it will explain fundamentals and dependencies, will give background on decision made and will highlight in particular the new features being introduced. The Workshop provides the unique opportunity to discuss with and to raise questions to the Main Editor of the MirrorLink™ specifications.

Agenda Highlights

High-Level MirrorLink™ Architecture
Connectivity Options
Advertising MirrorLink™ Devices and Applications
Remoting the User Interface
Integration of Audio
MirrorLink™ Client Profiles
Notification Mechanisms
Exchanging Car Data over MirrorLink™
Establishing a Trust Relationship between the Phone and the Head-Unit
Application certification
Testing MirrorLink™ devices for Compliance